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China Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. certification
China Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. certification
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Yuntian has supplied us more than 20 high-quality cranes, each of which is running well, safe and reliable. The Yuntian brand is trustworthy.


We have cooperated with Yuntian Crane for 8 years. The crane runs safely and stably without any failures.


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Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd.
Crane Assembly Workshop
Robotic automatic welding
CNC Seiko Machining

Crane Assembly Workshop

Crane Assembly Workshop

Robotic automatic welding

Robotic automatic welding of single beam crane

CNC Seiko Machining

CNC Seiko Machining Center

Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd.

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Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd. Henan Yuntian Crane Co., Ltd.

  • Production Line

    We have installed an intelligent equipment management platform. We have installed 310 sets (sets) of handling and welding robots. It is planned that there will be more than 500 sets (sets) after completion, and the equipment networking rate will reach 95%. 32 welding lines have been put into use, 50 are planned to be installed, and the automation rate of the entire product line has reached 85%.


    Fully automatic double girder main girder inner seam robot welding workstation


    This workstation is mainly used to realize the automatic welding of the inner seam of the double-beam main beam. After the manual feeding is basically horizontal and vertical, the workpiece is turned ±90° by the L-arm hydraulic turning machine, and the robot automatically seeks for welding. The quality of the weld seam is greatly improved, and the welding efficiency of the crane structural parts is improved, especially the welding of the inner weld seam shows a great advantage. It is also another measure taken by Henan Mine to care for employees and improve quality and efficiency.


    Robotic welding workstation for inner seam of single girder main girder


    The company cooperated with Beijing Hoisting and Transportation Machinery Design and Research Institute and hired German crane experts to complete the "single beam crane flexible production line", so that the crane main beam production line can produce finished products every hour, reduce the production time by 40%, and shorten the customer delivery cycle. 50%. Since 2016, the robot welding line has been gradually introduced, which can complete various welding seam welding of the company's single beam standard products.



    We can arrange our engineer to your factory to do supervision of the installation, commissioning. The installation service is available for every item we sell. Experienced and qualified technicians install cranes and accessories at our client's convenience. A range of accessories such as remote control systems and variable speed control device and so on is also available. Also we can offer turn-key project. We have professional installation team and rich overseas installation experience. Once requirement, the best installation solutions will be recommended in time The installation service is available all over the world.



    Do your operators know emergency stop signals, the amount of weight they can safely lift or emergency shutdown procedures for your cranes? Safety training for crane operators crane accidents cause workplace injuries to crane operators, workers on the job site, and even people nearby. Majority of crane accidents are caused by human errors, which may result in safety risk and uncontrollable downtime of the cranes. The accidents can be minimized or prevented through proper training and crane usage. Extensive user training and crane safety courses are the top priority for us. We provide extensive specialized training and instructions not only for our technicians and inspectors, but also for your crane operators. We customize and specify your lifting equipment training requirements. We offer a total support package that aim to add value to your workforce and increase safety awareness at your workplace. We combine all your training requirements, from basic crane operator training to a personalized Do your operators know emergency stop signals, the amount of weight they can safely lift or emergency shutdown procedures for your cranes? Safety training for crane operators.

  • R&D

    As a company continuing to focus on customers’ needs and carrying out continuous innovation, Henan Yuntian Crane takes the lead in establishing the R&D Center for Crane Design compared with those in the same industry in China, attracts the top-class talents within the industry and has obtained more than 140 patents successively.


    Based on introducing and absorbing the design philosophy and manufacturing technology of cranes domestically and overseas, the R&D Center strives to the modification and design of electric hoist, single girder and double girder cranes and launches new products successively, such as the new type crane, trolley (winch type), steel structure design and trolley (new type hoist), etc. (If necessary, the product feature will be performed and showed by pictures and subtitles) The Company also invests a large amount of money in the purchase of more than 1,300 sets (suits) of high-grade, precision and advanced equipments, introduces the weldless cover plate and the production line of one-time forming and slitting line of weldless U-groove, and eventually achieves the automatic production of single beam. Besides, it possesses the leading production line of steel pretreatment, V-method cast steel production line, the production line used for the decoiling, levelling and shearing of large steel, plasma CNC cutting, large-scale floor type borer, CNC gear shaper, vertical machining center and heat treatment CNC quenching machining tool and etc domestically. It also researches and develops double beam and main-beam hydraulic resistance welding machines in the advanced level of China and adopts the automatic systems such as hydraulic pressure and electromagnetism, etc. which all help the company both achieve the weldless double beam plate less than 80t and meet the demand of welding of different height of box beams. It researches and develops the national advanced main beam welding manipulator with Shanghai WTL together (Shanghai WTL Welding Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.), achieving the one-time welding of four main welding lines of the single beam.

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